Capturing the Concept

We’ll start with a chat about what you want to achieve with your fine art portrait. This can be either via email or a phone call. Once we have a high-level understanding of what you’d like to create, we will meet in person or over a video call to finish defining the concept.

The concept will serve as the blueprint for what we are aiming to create together. Quite often the concept will continue to evolve right up to the final photoshoot. Last minute wardrobe constraints, location availability, the weather and onset inspirations can all help to evolve the concept, but for the most part, we try to stick to the original idea.






The wardrobe is usually a significant contributor to the concept you want to bring to life. We’ll discuss different ways wardrobe can contribute to the concept and then identify a wardrobe theme that will benefit the concept. You may already have the appropriate wardrobe, but if you don’t, there are rental and second-hand options that can keep the costs down. If you already have the wardrobe you want to use in the shoot, I’ll get you to send me pictures of you wearing the clothes so we can discuss the best way to incorporate them into the concept and the shoot.

Hair and Makeup

Don’t underestimate the ability of professional hair and makeup to empower you and give you confidence. Remember, this day if for you and you’re the star! Make sure you look and feel the part. If you don’t know where to go, I can provide you with the contact details of

hair and makeup professionals that I have worked with in the past. Of all the preparation you need to do, this will give you the biggest return in the finished fine art portrait.



Check List

Once the mood board, location and creative styling has been finalised, I will send you a check list of what you need to bring to the shoot and a run sheet detailing how the day will go.


The Shoot

A typical shoot will take between three and five hours, including hair and makeup. Make sure you are rested, organised and ready to enjoy the day! I’ll walk you through each step on the day so there’s no need to be nervous or anxious.

We will start with reviewing the mood board and styling direction so the concept is fresh in our minds. If you haven’t arrived with hair and makeup done, I’ll introduce you to your stylists and show you were you can get ready. We’ll listen to music and chat as you start transforming into the star of the set!

You and I work together as the creative director for the day. We’ll take plenty of short breaks so I can share the images with you as we go along and discuss the progress we are making, which poses we want to build next and what is working best for us.


After the Shoot

I’ll post at least 50 images to an only gallery that only you can access. I’ll ask you to review the images and tell me which one’s you like the most. I’ll also make suggestions on which shots are my favourites. I’ll then colour grade and retouch your favourite images and make them available in a final digital format. Images are also available as fine art prints. A fine art portrait is meant to be admired and shared and I highly recommended having at least one turned into a fine art print.

This is all about you as the star!

The Investment

All our packages include digital images. Starting at $500.00, however we wish to accomodate all our clients, so please contact us for a quote. 

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