5 Reasons to Book Your Fairy Portrait Session Now

Here are 5 of the best reasons to book your child's session now:

1. They won’t stay little forever.

Babies don’t keep. Little girls turn into teenagers who wear too much eyeliner and spend all their free time texting their friends. This time when they’re making up stories, letting their imagination run wild, twirling and frolicking—it’s magic. And one day you’ll be so glad you did everything you could to preserve that magic for yourself and for your children as they grow up.

2. It’s not just a photo shoot, but an amazing experience for everyone. We create these portraits by using a digital backdrop and we will discuss with you prior to your session which one you would like to use. We let your little one's imagination wonder, do they see the fairies? I can hear the fairies can't you?. Your little one will be so amazed when they receive their image and they are surrounded by real fairies, they will think it is absolute magic.

3. You can’t recreate this at home.

Unless you are a professional photographer, that is proficient in photo-shop and understanding light, you will not be able to re-create something like this at home.

4. It’s priceless

Because we use a digital background, our session fee is affordable for everyone. We supply the fairy outfit or robe and hat. ( These portraits are not just for girls).

5. It celebrates your child as they are NOW.

Think back to other special portraits you’ve had created when you first became a parent--you might have had maternity portraits, newborn, and a special cake smash photo shoot when your baby became one. But many parents don’t get special portraits made of the toddler and school age years, or if they do they are a part of a family portrait. Why is this? The ages between 3 and 10 is the sweetest, most precious, time in childhood when a child’s personality is developing and they start to learn what they like. If your child enjoys fantasy and magic, this is how you’ll want to remember them at this age—full of wonder and awe, wishes and make believe.

Here's a little sneak peak that shows what you can expect from the fairy portrait experience.

  • Wardrobe (dress, wings, and headpiece or robe and hat) provided at no extra cost

  • Girls and boys will enjoy playing dress up and playing in our enchanted forest

  • Fun experience where kids get to play, imagine, and feel like a model.

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